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Many years ago, our family used to bake pita bread at home for our own use and for our friends and their friends. Several times we have also contributed our pita breads to various events. Everyone who tasted our pita bread wanted them and they finally forced us to open a small family bakery, where we produce them today. After a few years, we have perfected the original recipe and production process till its present form.

Our pita breads are unique in that they are handmade and each piece is an original. They are healthy, without bad E-staff, preservatives, colorants, emulsifiers, flavorings, any chemicals, and without fat, eggs or milk. Therefore, they are 100% vegan.

Today, among our customers we include Olive Food s.r.o., Olive Gastro s.r.o., Nofech patisserie and Farah Food and continue adding more.

We’re really proud of every single piece we produce. We hope you’ll enjoy them as many have so far!


Jitka & Saar

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Zdravíme všechny milovníky našeho hummusu a pita chlebů. Zítra se nekonají trhy na Náplavce a na Jiřího z Poděbrad, ale těšíme se na Vás na Spořilově a v Klánovicích.

Ready to be amazed?


 email: info@pitachleb.cz or call at: +420 775 192 110